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Mago Thermal & Dehu Engineering Enters Into Manufacturing Collaboration.

Mago Thermal team up with Dehu Engineering to increase manufacturing footprint.


20 Feb 2021

Common Gaseous Fuels for Industrial Gas Fired Steam Boilers

Gaseous fuels have a high calorific value and are preferred option if it can be supplied continuously. The important properties of gaseous fuels are:- Chemical composition or Ultimate analysis of the fuel tells us the amount of carbon, sulfur,...


22 Dec 2020

Steam Boiler Rental For Indian Industry

Steam boilers are an expensive capital investment with the added cost of boiler operations. Today you have the option to opt for “boiler rentals” to reduce your investment costs. Today businesses can opt to hire a boiler in the...


18 Dec 2020

Air Pollution Control Devices: Bag Filters

India has committed to reducing air pollution levels. Pollution control boards across the country have more stringent, and industries are taking steps to combat the menace. A bag filter is a pollution control device that helps to tackle air...


14 Dec 2020

Benefits of Biomass Fired Steam Boiler For Industrial Power Plants in India

Industries with a high power requirement often install industrial power plants. The boilers either use fossil fuels or biomass fuels. Fossil fuels are naturally occurring organic substances made from the remains of a living organism (plants and animals). Biomass...


12 Dec 2020

Industrial Power Plant Contractors In India

Many power-intensive industries that require a continuous and quality power supply, opt to install captive power units in their plant. In 2018-19 the captive power plants had installed 34833 MW. Industrial units can award multiple contracts for individual components...


10 Dec 2020

Waste to Energy Steam Boilers

Municipal solid waste or MSW is also called trash or garbage. It is generated from households, educational institutions, commercial establishments, community, and recreational activities. The composition of MSW varies depending on the municipality. Some cities in the country have...


09 Dec 2020

Rice Straw/Paddy/Stubble Fired Steam Boilers Benefits

Rice is one of India’s staple crops. India is one of the leading producers of rice in the world. In 2019, India produced 2.6 thousand kilograms of rice per hectare. After harvesting, the paddy is sent to the rice...


29 Nov 2020

Steam Boiler For Distilleries

India has approximately over 300 distilleries producing over 2 billion liters of ethanol every year. The two types of alcohol distilleries in India are: portable distilleries and industrial distilleries. Portable distilleries are a cottage industry and are unregulated. Industrial...


28 Nov 2020

Steam Boilers For Food Processing Plants in India

Food processing means transforming agricultural produce into one or more types of food. There are many types of food processing units that perform various functions from grinding grain to making precooked meals. Food processing units help to reduce food...


27 Nov 2020