Benefits of Biomass Fired Steam Boiler For Industrial Power Plants in India

Industries with a high power requirement often install industrial power plants. The boilers either use fossil fuels or biomass fuels. Fossil fuels are naturally occurring organic substances made from the remains of a living organism (plants and animals). Biomass fuels are a renewable source of energy from plants and animals.

What Are Biomass Fuels?

Biomass fuels are made from carbon-based materials. This can include plants or animal material. Biomass fuels contain energy because of organic content.

Types Of Biomass

Biomass is highly diverse and can be classified based on the origin as follows:-

Field And Plantation Biomass

  • Agriculture crop residue – Corn cobs, stalk, rice straw, paddy straw, cane trash, etc.
  • Edible matters from crops- environmentally spoilt fruits and vegetables.
  • Dedicated energy crops such as bamboo, rubber, etc.
  • Plantation debris such as leaves, barks, wood stumps
  • Livestock waste from fields, husbandries such as poultry litter

Industrial Biomass

Industrial biomass consists of agro-industrial processed biomass and their wastes: Rice husk, bagasse, mustard husk, molasses, sawdust, wood pulp, and paper shaving.

Forest Biomass

Forest biomass consists of log residue, forest floor debris, animal carcass.

Urban Waste Biomass

Municipal solid waste, sewage sludge, and kitchen waste are some of the common urban waste biomass.

Aquatic Biomass

Microalgae blooms and weeds are some common aquatic biomass

How Can Biomass Generate Electricity?

Biomass can generate electricity in several ways. The two most popular ways are:-

  • Direct combustion is a thermo-chemical reaction where biomass is burned in the open air or a grate with excess air. During combustion, the chemical energy stored in the biomass will be converted to thermal energy. Direct combustion occurs in the boiler furnace at a temperature of 800-1000oC. The hot flue gas from combustion is used to convert water into steam. The steam produced runs the steam turbine to generate power. Direct combustion is suitable for a wide range of fuels and can be used with fuels with 50% moisture.
  • Biofuels are solid, liquid, or gaseous fuels made from biomass. Bioethanol and biodiesel are the two most common types of biofuels.

Benefits Of Biomass Fuels

The advantage of biomass fuels is the subject of many debates. However, biomass fuels have a significantly lower carbon footprint than fossil fuels. The main benefits of biomass fuel are:-

  • Biomass is a renewable source of energy. Most biomass fuels are derived from plants, agricultural products, and plantations. As long as we continue to plant trees, biomass fuels will continue to exist.
  • Biomass helps to reduce greenhouse gases reducing the impact of global warming and climate change. Emission levels in biomass fuels are lower than in fossil fuels. The greatest difference between the two fuels is that carbon dioxide is absorbed by the plants during photosynthesis and it goes back into the atmosphere during the combustion of biomass fuels. While fossil fuels only add carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
  • Biomass is widely available. The sources of biomass are forest, agricultural waste, algae, and waste. Procuring coal is expensive, India imports large quantizes of coal for power generation. Coal is more expensive than biomass fuels.

Biomass Fired Boilers By Mago Thermal

Mago Thermal Private Limited has been designing, manufacturing, erecting, and commissioning biomass fuels for over 20 years. Our boilers are carefully designed based on the fuel, the application, and boiler temperature and pressure. We offer the following configurations to our client:-

  • Bi-Drum boiler
  • Single drum two-pass design
  • Single drum three-pass design
  • Single drum with the tail end

The grate offered by MTPL depends on fuel and ash characteristics and fuel sizing. The grates offered for our biomass-fired boilers are:-

  • Reciprocating grate

Mago Thermal is proud to have installations all over the country. We can fire a range of biomass fuels such as:-

  • Bagasse
  • Rice Husk
  • Rice Straw
  • Mustard Husk
  • Saw Dust
  • Wood Chips
  • Ground-nut shells
  • Red gram Stalk

Mago Thermal offers high efficiency biomass fired steam boilers for industrial power plants in India. The boilers are designed by experienced engineers for ensuring operational efficiency of plants. To know more about benefits of biomass fired steam boilers for industrial power plants, call at +91-9910490700.