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Switch to ‘Boiler Rentals’ to reduce the investment cost for plant operations. Contact Mago Thermal for renting quality and efficient boilers.

What Do You Mean By ‘Boiler Rental’?

Some operations bring up the requirement for setting up a new boiler leading to elevated investment cost. Boiler Rental is a cost-effective solution as it allows the businesses to use a boiler by paying an optimal monthly rent instead of multiple costs involved in building and installing a boiler at the plant.

How Does Boiler Rental Meet Plant Requirements?

The boiler rental has preset parameters for maximum efficiency. Mago Thermal offers customization of the parameters to reflect the plant requirements and ensure maximum benefit.

Benefits Of A Boiler Rental:

  • Quality: Boiler rentals are built to meet high quality standards so the businesses can rest assured of uninterrupted operations.
  • Low Investment Cost: Setting up a new boiler at the plant facility can lead to high investment costs (reaching up to crores). In case of a Boiler Rental, the initial investment cost is borne by Mago thermal, whereas the businesses can use the boilers at an optimal monthly rent.
  • Delivery & Installation Support: Mago Thermal offers complete professional support for delivery and installation of the boiler rental to ensure smooth operations.
  • Consultation: Thorough and in-depth consultation prior to installation of the boiler rental enables the businesses to choose a suitable boiler type as per operational requirements leading to high efficiency.
  • Staffing: Mago Thermal employs trained staff including boiler engineer, operators, technicians, etc. to monitor boiler operations. Alternatively, businesses have the option to hire their own staff as per their convenience.

Reasons To Choose Mago Thermal:

  • We have long running experience of boiler construction, installation and maintenance.
  • We operate with a mission to provide quality and affordability to our customers.
  • Our highly skilled team has an experience of working with varied types of boilers and fuels.
  • Maintaining benchmark quality standards is the foundation of our services.
  • We thrive to achieve high customer satisfaction.

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