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Steam Boiler & Power Plant Specialists

Welcome to Mago Thermal

Mago Thermal offers energy efficient steam boilers, power plant solutions and engineering consultancy services to the clients. Owing to our extensive experience and innovative solutions, we have successfully provided turnkey solutions to top industries in India and abroad.

We specialise in EPC Power Plants, Customised Steam boiler with Fuels- Rice Straw, Distillery SLOP, Biomass, Coal, Petcoke, steam Boiler upgradation / Retrofitting, Air Pollution control systems, Power plant Engineering & Installation. Our Unique ‘Steam at Cost’ Steam Boiler Rental are feasible solution to Industry with Full Responsibility for their Steam/ Heat and Power demand.

EPC Power Plant

Turnkey Power Plant Solution have low investment costs, enabling shorter payback period. link here

Steam At cost

Pay only for the steam used in your unit. We invest in Steam Boiler, Fuel, Engineering & Installation of Steam Boiler in your unit. stuff in here

Boiler Fuel Conversion

Modify your existing boiler to work on various fuels. It helps in achieving low operational fuel costs.stuff in here

Steam Boiler Rentals

Fulfill surge in steam demand with boiler on rent. You also save cost of purchasing a new boiler. stuff in here

Slop Fired Boilers

Slop Fired Boiler systems with Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) for molasses based distilleries & sugar units. stuff in here

Fluegas Desulphurisation

Flue gas desulphurisation system for petcoke fired steam boiler. High performance system.stuff in here

Boiler Efficiency Enhancement

Increasing efficiency of steam boiler leads to lower fuel costs, thereby increasing ROI.stuff in here

Engineering Consultancy

Thermal solutions specific to your steam boiler / power plant system for low investment/ high efficiency operations. stuff in here

Rice Straw Fired Boiler

Rice Straw Fired Boilers are successful in rice belts of India. Low fuel cost & high efficiency of the system gives low cost steam. stuff in here

Steam Boiler Manufacturing

We offer customized Steam Boiler specific to requirements of plant. We also manufacture boiler parts.stuff in here

Steam Turbine

Procurement, Installation & Commissioning of Steam Turbine to generate electricity for manufacturing unit. stuff in here

Steam Boiler Operations

You can outsource your steam boiler operations to our team of Boiler Operators & engineers. stuff in here


Steam Boiler / Power Plant Experts

We offer engineering solutions for steam & power generation. Our clientele range from distilleries, rice millers, sugar, paper, food processing, plywood, chemical, pharma, steel, textiles, power & other industries across India.

Expert Team

Years of experience in steam boilers & power plant solutions.

Customized Solutions

High efficiency/ low cost steam boiler/ power plant solutions










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