Industrial Power Plant Contractors In India

Many power-intensive industries that require a continuous and quality power supply, opt to install captive power units in their plant. In 2018-19 the captive power plants had installed 34833 MW. Industrial units can award multiple contracts for individual components of the power plant or give the entire power plant to an EPC contractor. Industrial power plant contractors or commonly called, EPC Power Plant contractors have emerged as a popular choice for awarding contracts for private power plants. Under an EPC contract, the contractor looks after the complete process. The contractor is obligated to handover the working plant within the stipulated time frame and with the guarantee of plant performances as per the contract specifications.

What Does An EPC Contractor Do?

As an EPC contractor, Mago Thermal has a single point of responsibility for the configuration of the entire power plant:-

  • System Configuration: We are responsible for deciding the system configuration of the plant. We configure the inputs, outputs, and specifications of different equipment based on the plant capacity.
  • Basic Design: We take care of detailed design and engineering for the project. This includes process and instrumentation drawings, statutory clearance with IBR, and making a bill of the material before procurement and manufacturing can start.
  • Procurement: We undertake to procure all the components for the plant. The procurement includes making detailed specifications, making comparisons, and reward contracts to specialized suppliers or vendors required. We commit to supply the power plant within the project budget, timeline, and quality.
  • Erection & Commissioning: We undertake the construction of the entire power plant. Erection includes the required civil, mechanical, and electrical work. Commissioning and erection is a labor-intensive process and requires monitoring between the different vendors. During commissioning, we ensure the plant is ready to operate.
  • Performance Trial: During the performance trial, we guarantee the plant operates as per parameters specified in the contract.
  • Training And Handling Over: During the training and handing over of the plant, we make sure your personnel to make sure the plant runs optimally and safely.

Advantage Of EPC Contractor

  • EPC contractor is accountable for the entire project. You don’t have to chase multiple suppliers to ensure your plant is commissioned on time. 
  • The EPC contract is cost-effective. Power plant owners don’t need to spend resources on negotiating with multiple vendors. There are no hidden costs. 
  • Coordinating between multiple vendors is tedious and will require a dedicated team. The EPC contractor has the required system in place to coordinate between vendors.
  • The single point of responsibility helps to ensure the equipment supplied performs on the stated parameters. There is no scope for shifting the blame to another equipment manufacturer.
  • The EPC projects allow redundancy and better managing of resources.

Industries Using Power Plants

Industries that have a high power requirement often opt to set up their power plant. The steam generated from the plant helps to power the steam turbine and provide the steam required for the plant. Some of our clients include:

Paper Industry– The paper industry requires steam for various process requirements and to produce power to meet the power requirement of the plant. Some of the applications that require steam include:-

  • Required to cook wood chips.
  • Sent to the dryer to remove moisture from the sheets.
  • Various heat exchangers within the plant
  • The paper industry guzzles a lot of power for its process. Power produced can meet the power requirement of the plant.

Chemicals Industry– The chemical industry requirement varies with the process requirement of the plant and energy requirement of the plant. The steam is used to provide:-

  • Provide the required temperatures for certain chemical reactions.
  • Distillation if required
  • Heat exchangers within the plant
  • Power requirement of the plant

Food Processing- The food industry requires steam of different categories. The plant requires steam for sterilizing, reducing microbe risks, and for processes such as cooking, curing, and drying. The steam boiler can help take care of the steam requirement and power requirement of the plant.

Rice Mills- Rice mills require electrical energy and thermal energy. The milling process requires steam.

Sugar- Manufacturing sugar is energy-intensive requires massive quantities of steam and power. Steam is required for the crystallization of sugar cane juice. The manufacturing process is a multi-stage process.

Steel- Steel plants are some of the more energy consuming industries. Plants require stable and continuous power to produce steel.  

Fuels Used In Industrial Plants

Mago Thermal Private Limited offers power plants up to 15 MW. We offer to customize boilers which can burn a wide range of fuels. We specialize in biomass and fossil fuel-fired boilers. Some of the fuels we can burn are:-

Fossil Fuels:

  • Indian coal
  • Imported coal
  • Petcoke
  • Natural gas
  • Lignite  

Biomass Fuels:

  • Rice Husk
  • Wood Chips
  • Bagasse
  • Biomass Pellets
  • Biomass Briquette
  • Rice Straw

Why Choose Mago Thermal?

EPC power plants are an expensive capital investment. It is important to choose the best EPC contractor for your business. Our experience in supplying stand-alone boilers, power plants, and cogeneration plants has given us a deep understanding of the working of plants and helps us offer models best suited for your plant. MTPL has a qualified and dedicated manpower in domains such as engineering, proposal, detailed engineering, and project management facilities. We use the latest technology using Software and Engineering Techniques. We work closely with our vendors to ensure the plant operates within the guaranteed parameters.

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