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A bag filter is air pollution control equipment that helps in controlling the levels of hazardous pollutants including Sulphur Dioxide. Bag filters are available in three types, namely Shakers, Reverse Air, and Pulse Jet Type. It operates by intercepting and preventing the flow of particle movement. In the process of filtration, the dust particles and pollutants are collected at the surface of the filter, while the flue gas leaves the bag filter through the outlet.



A bag filter is one of the most efficient, reliable and cost effective equipment for flue gas filtration process. The particles separated by the filters are collected at the bottom of the bag filter, making it easier to dispose them. The filter material is designed to withstand high temperatures. Also, they are capable of accommodating a range of gas flow rates.



Mago Thermal offers quality bag filters that exhibit best in class features:

  • High Tolerance Filter Material
  • Wide Range Of Temperature Tolerance
  • Superior Filtration Of All Sized Particles
  • Extended Life Filters
  • Higher Dirt Holding Capacity

MagoThermal has years of experience in steam boiler and industrial power plant installations and designing. We are also pioneers in industrial air pollution control systems for steam boiler operations. Depending on your fuel type and your overall boiler set-up, our team of engineers recommend ideal air pollution control systems including bag filters. For queries please contact us