Rice Straw Fired Steam Boilers

Rice straw is agriculture waste left in fields after harvesting of Rice (Paddy) Crop. The Rice Straw is usually burnt in fields itself by the farmers, which causes lot of environmental pollution during winter season mostly in north India specially in NCR.

However, if Rice Straw can be handled properly, it can be used as a fuel to generate steam and power in industries. This application of Rice Straw not only helps in reducing environmental pollution substantially and to generate green power but also accounts for extra income to farmers.

Rice Straw

Rice straw is fairly dry and contains high proportion of silica, alkali metals such as Potassium, alkali earth metals such as Calcium, and other elements such as Chlorine, Magnesium, Phosphorus & Sulphur.

Generally Gross Calorific Value various from 2500 Kcal/kg to 3600 kcal/kg, depending on quality of Paddy. GCV is high at time of harvesting and deteriorate during open storage with time due to environmental exposure.

Ash content is usually 15-20 %, Chlorine content observed maximum up to 1.2 %.

Mositure various from 12 % to 25 % but during rainy season, total moisture increases as high as 32 % also.

Ash of Rice Straw is volatile in nature with a low melting point. The ash formed during combustion evaporates in furnace and condensates to form slag layers on cooler surfaces.

Benefits Of Using Rice Straw As Boiler Fuel

  • High availability in nearby local areas
  • It is cheaper as compared to other biomass / fossil fuels
  • It results in lower steam cost thus reduction in overall input cost
  • Rice Straw based Steam boilers and Power plants being Carbon neutral and Environment friendly attracts better incentives and tariffs from Government agencies.

Challenges in Rice Straw Combustion

  • Rice straw has low Carbon & high volatiles composition; hence it combusts at lower temperature & results in fast devolatization.
  • Rice straw fired steam boilers require much better distribution and control of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Combustion Airs at strategic location for efficient combustion.
  • Lot of slagging & fouling of ash is observed on Boiler pressure parts.
  • Combustion system requires multiple independent zones with variable motion, air distribution and temperature controls.

How Mago Thermal Addressed these issues ?

  • Mago Thermal Boilers are designed with superheater to take care of fouling due to ash low deformation temperature. The Radiant Platen design with sharp dripping points, wide pitch is fabricated with Austenite steel.
  • The combustion system is designed considering Thermal expansions & loads, Dynamic movements & loads, Properties of fuel, Air – Fuel ratios during various stages of combustion, Turbulence in fuel, Wear & tear caused by abrasive ash and heat input apart from other factors.
  • To increase the life of pressure parts, Mago Thermal uses Alloy Steel in Furnace Zone, Austenite Steel in Superheater Zone, and also maintains flue gas temperature profile above dew point.

Mago Thermal: Rice Straw Fired Steam Boiler Features

The ‘Reciprocating Grate Rice Straw Fired Boiler features include :

  • Indigenous Technology: Single Drum, Natural Circulation, Tall Furnace, 3 Pass boiler with Radiant Platen SH in 1st and 2nd Pass at least.
  • Designed for Continue Unintrupted Operation of more than 8,000 hours in a year.
  • No need of chipping or shredding the fuel. It can be fed in available bale size.
  • Economiser with Flue Gas Cooling system in Low Temperature zone.
  • Special Coating for Economiser and Coolers Coil for Enhanced Life.
  • Hot water Based Air Pre – heater.
  • Improved Reciprocating Grate with high Nickel, Chromium, Molybdenum and Alloys to take care of high temperature and abrasive nature of Ash.
  • Regulated air distribution through Grate elements, Variable speed in each section and longer Grate length to ensure complete and efficient combustion of fuel.
  • Reciprocating Grate suitable for any biomass having Moisture as high as 52 %.
  • Air Pollution Control Equipment can be designed for outlet emission as low as 18 mg/nm3.

Why Mago Thermal Rice Straw Fired Steam Boiler?

Mago Thermal Pvt. Ltd. is an established name in power plant technical expertise in India. The team has a combined experience of over 100 years in Power Plant & Environment Industry. The ‘Rice Straw Fired Steam Boiler’ has been co-developed with professionals from Institutions and Industry and has been tested for Indian market & available fuel quality.

Other advantages of Mago Thermal Rice Straw Fired Technology are:

  • Inhouse developed low cost technology (compared to international suppliers) with best of efficiencies, performance and availability.
  • Rice straw can be used without any pre-treatment.
  • Boiler technology allows flexible option to use other biomass fuels.
  • Mago Thermal offers an end-to-end support throughout the process of design, manufacturing & sourcing, installation and training.
  • “Best-In-Class, State of the Art” Contract Manufacturing Facility for the Pressure Parts and Vessels approved by IBR, TUV, and Lloyds. Partnership since 1999 with series of successes
  • Non Pressure Parts – Quality Manufacturing facilities in NCR and throughout India.
  • In-House Team for Quality Check.
  • On-site assembly and erection by skilled team and approved contractors.
  • Dedicated Boiler Commissioning & Operation Team, Performance evaluation and Training to Operation staff

Mago Thermal is committed to provide indigenous technology for Rice Straw Fired Steam Boilers. For more details on ‘Rice Straw Fired Steam Boilers’ in India, contact Mago Thermal Pvt. Ltd. at info@magothermal.com , marketing@magothermal.com