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Mago Thermal offers a “Steam At Cost” business model for corporates to save capital cost on steam boiler set-up, operations and fuel while getting desired steam output.

What Is “Steam At Cost”?

In simple terms, “Steam At Cost” model allows businesses to get steam without investing in the infrastructure/steam boiler associated with it. The investment for infrastructure/boiler system is done by Mago Thermal and we charge our customers only for the steam used by them.

Who Runs The Steam Boiler Operations?

Steam boiler operations are run by Mago Thermal’s team of professional boiler operators & engineers. We employ a Boiler Engineer, Qualified Boiler Operators, Instrumentation/Electric technician, Supervisor, Fireman & Helpers etc. for boiler operations.

Who Bears The Fuel Costs?

Fuel costs are borne by Mago Thermal. Fuel procurement and usage is Mago Thermal’s responsibility. Customers only have to provide fuel storage area and have to give access for fuel loading/unloading.

How Is Steam Priced?

Based on properties of the steam (pressure/temp/saturation, etc.) required by the client, Mago Thermal’s engineers calculate the viable costs. Customers have to pay for the metered steam consumption, just like water/electricity bill.

Benefits of “Steam at Cost” Model:

  1. Investment Cost: Businesses can save on investment costs (that can reach up to crores) for setting up a new steam boiler system. Under “Steam At Cost” model, this infrastructure cost is borne by Mago Thermal.
  2. Committed Steam Supply: Through SLA, businesses are guaranteed continuous supply of required quantity of steam to run process/power systems.
  3. Steam Boiler Operations Management: Steam boiler operations are managed by Mago Thermal’s professional team of boiler operators and engineers.
  4. Fuel Procurement: As fuel procurement is handled by Mago Thermal, businesses do not have to negotiate or source for fuel from different sources.
  5. Steam Boiler Maintenance: Timely maintenance and regular check-ups are done by Mago Thermal’s technical team.
  6. Staffing: Complete steam boiler operations are managed by Mago Thermal. As a result businesses need not worry about hiring professionals for different tasks involved in steam boiler operations.

Why Mago Thermal?

  1. Mago Thermal has years of experience with Steam Boiler engineering, installation and operations management.
  2. We offer quality steam at a low cost to our customers through “Steam At Cost” model.
  3. We are well funded company with highly technical team of engineers.
  4. Extensive experience with operations/installation of Steam Boiler projects for boilers operating on varied fuels.
  5. Strict quality control.
  6. Adherence to strict timelines through state-of-the-art time management schedules and processes.

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