Steam Boiler Rental For Indian Industry

Steam boilers are an expensive capital investment with the added cost of boiler operations. Today you have the option to opt for “boiler rentals” to reduce your investment costs. Today businesses can opt to hire a boiler in the event of a sudden surge of demand or an emergency. Boiler rentals solution gives plant managers a stop-gap arrangement to carry out repairs or look for replacements.

Mago Thermal Private Limited offers a range of steam boilers that plants can rent for their operation. We offer boiler rentals to our clients at affordable monthly boiler rentals. Renting a boiler has proven to be an effective solution, rather than the large capital cost involved in setting up a new boiler for your plant.

Why Rent An Industrial Boiler?

Plants can rent an industrial boiler for several reasons. Some of the common reasons are:-

  • Emergency Boiler Requirements: We offer boiler rentals in case of an emergency shutdown or repairs. We can transport and install our boilers quickly and easily so that businesses can resume plant operations.
  • Peak Season Demand: Several industries (sugar, distillery, and oil industry) have peak seasonal demands of steam or power. Boiler rentals provide the perfect solution for augmenting your demand requirements.
  • Planned Outages Or Repairs: Industrial boilers have scheduled annual or periodic maintenance for repairs. Boiler rentals offer the perfect solution allowing businesses to operate their plants during the maintenance work. This can prove to be a cost-saving of restarting plant operations
  • Budgetary Restrictions: In case businesses are operating on limited monetary resources and cannot invest in a new industrial boiler. Renting boilers can prove to be a viable alternative. Your budget should not impede efficient running of your plant. The boiler rental can be an effective solution to helping your business grow.

Advantages Of Boiler Rentals

  • Boiler rental is rugged and adheres to high-quality standards. Plants are guaranteed uninterrupted operations.
  • Installing new boilers are capital-intensive projects. Boiler rentals reduce the initial capital investment cost as firms need to pay the monthly rental charges.
  • We offer our expertise and help plants select the boiler-model after studying the operational requirements of your plant.
  • MTPL offers trained staff to run and maintain boiler rentals. Plants are assured that the boiler will run efficiently. Alternatively, we train your staff to operate the boiler.

Why You Should Choose Mago Thermal?

  • Mago Thermal Private Limited has experience of over 20 years of designing, manufacturing, and supplying boilers throughout the country.
  • We take pride in offering cost effective solutions without compromising on quality.
  • Our team of technocrats can offer you different types of boilers and fuels. We offer the best model after understanding your needs.
  • We are committed to offering the highest quality at every stage of our service.

Mago Thermal offers boiler rentals for industries across India. The boiler rentals are designed to meet diverse operational requirements of plants. We ensure fast and timely installation of boiler rentals for facilitating uninterrupted plant operations.