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Mago Thermal provides a comprehensive plan for steam boiler/ power plant operations and maintenance for various industrial units. Under this plan, Mago Thermal deploys technical staff and other required manpower at client’s site and takes responsibility for running steam boiler/ power plant operations. Mago Thermal also maintains the system for better efficiency.

Advantages of Outsourcing Steam Boiler/ Power Plant Operations and Maintenance

  • Efficiently run steam boiler/ power plant operations
  • Saves on operation costs.
  • Business gets highly technical manpower to run their operations.
  • Manpower backup.
  • Quick and timely maintenance of system by professionals.
  • Compliance with govt. norms and procedures


  • We have highly experienced team of engineers, boiler operators and maintenance staff.
  • Our systematic structure enables us to provide efficient services to our clients.
  • We are into steam boiler/ power plant installations and operations for more than 20 years. Over the period of time, our team has worked on almost all kinds of industrial steam boilers and power plants and have gained immense experience from the same. We bring this experience to the field for client’s benefit.
  • Our steam boiler operation’s process is highly streamlined which allows us to quickly analyse different scenarios for the benefit of client.
  • We have a special team on standby to take care of immediate client needs.
  • Outsourcing steam boiler / power plant operations has cost advantage for businesses.
  • We follow govt. norms for safe and secure steam boiler operations.