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Mago Thermal provides complete engineering consultancy for your industrial boiler and power plant systems. Right from the choice of steam boiler to increasing efficiency through different engineering solutions/ modifications, Mago Thermal can increase output for your existing system. We also provide complete engineering consultancy for turnkey set up of industrial power plant system.

Below is a brief of our engineering consultancy services:
Boiler Capacity Upgradation and Combustion System Modification:
  • Preparation of Report on Boiler performance.
  • Preparation of report on modifications to be carried out for boiler capacity upgradation and combustion system modification along with cost estimates.
  • Preparation of fabrication drawings for equipment / piping / ducting / structures using AutoCAD, Solidworks, StatPro, Ceaser.
  • Preparation of code calculations and IBR calculations.
  • Project Engineering, Site Supervision, Coordination and Installation services.
Services Offered for Boiler and Piping Design and Analysis:
  • CAD drafting using AutoCAD, Solidworks.
  • Project Assessment and Feasibility Analysis
  • Energy and Mass Balances
  • Pipe Stress Analysis using Ceaser.
  • Structural Load Analysis using StatPro
  • Process Load Analysis
  • Electrical Load Analysis
  • Equipment Sizing and Selection
  • Specification and Technical Writing
Power Plant Consultancy Services:
  • Site - Identification and Selection.
  • Design Calculation, Drawing and Analysis.
  • Vendor Drawing Review.
  • Planning of field activities.
  • Basic & System Engineering for Power Projects.
  • Detailed Engineering Services for Power Projects
  • Detailed Engineering Services for Boilers.
  • Detailed Engineering Services for Piping
  • Engineering Services for EPC Projects
  • Civil Design Work
  • Supervisory Services at Site
  • Project Management Services
  • Detailed Engineering Services for Control & Instrumentation System
  • Detailed Engineering Services for Electrical System.

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