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Boiler retrofitting & renovation aims at increasing overall efficiency of steam boiler system by adding new technology, parts and equipment in an older system. Steam boiler retrofitting allows a business to benefit from new technology and design improvements while spending less in comparison to a new steam boiler system.



  • Fuel Cost Saving – As efficiency of the system is one of the prime decision point for boiler retrofitting; it allows the steam boiler system to consume less fuel for generating same amount of steam.
  • New Boiler Cost Saving – Cost of retrofitting a steam boiler is less than the cost of purchasing a new boiler. Moreover, the time taken for delivery and installation for retrofitted parts is very less in comparison to time taken for installation of a new boiler system.
  • Enhanced Function – Boiler retrofitting improves the quality of its overall output. The boiler may maintain better, more specific range of temperature or pressure.
  • Less Pollution – One of the advantage of boiler retrofitting is a reduction of pollution and carbon emissions. As the retrofitted boiler system has better efficiency, the emissions are lesser in comparison. The retrofitting process can also include modern air pollution control devices which can further lower down the particulate levels.
  • Better Technology – Newer and better technology is a part and parcel of any retrofitting project. The business can benefit from advanced technology in form of efficient operations, requirement for lesser human intervention, better material and new controls and failsafes.


Condition Of steam boiler system – Routine inspection of steam boiler can give you inputs if retrofitting is a good option for your system.

  • Age Of Steam Boiler System – Aged steam boiler might be functioning on older technology and retrofitting can enhance its efficiency.
  • Capacity – If the capacity of steam generation has been on constant decline, a business may consider retrofitting of the boiler system.
  • Operating Pressure and Temperature – If the boiler is having issues in maintaining the correct operating pressure or operating temperature, boiler retrofitting might be beneficial for the system.
  • Fuel-to-Steam Efficiency – If the fuel to steam efficiency i.e. fuel used for generating a unit of steam is on constant decline or is not as it was when the boiler was new, this could be a sign of need for retrofitting.
  • Costs – Retrofitting costs are always lesser in comparison to cost of buying and installing a new steam boiler system. If a business is in need of a new steam boiler, they might consider steam boiler retrofitting.


  1. Mago Thermal has years of experience with Steam Boiler Retrofitting across India.
  2. We provide customized solutions for steam boiler retrofitting & enhancements delivering maximum efficiency at lower fuel costs.
  3. Steam Boiler Retrofitting solutions are cost effective with low capital investment, with shorter payback period.
  4. Extensive experience with Steam Boiler Retrofitting projects for boilers operating on varied fuels.
  5. Strict quality control.
  6. Adherence to strict timelines through state-of-the-art time management schedules and processes.
  7. Our steam boiler retrofitting saves Operations and Maintenance costs for businesses.