HI-Value BIOCHAR from RICE STRAW by Torrefaction

Delhi NCR, HARYANA, PUNJAB, WESTERN UP, RAJASTHAN is suffering due to VERY POOR AQI ” AIR QUALITY INDEX ” EPCA has ordered to shut all industrial activities running on fuel other Than  NATURAL GAS.

Why this POOR “ AQI”

INDIA has 140 million tonnes of rice straw annually. To dispose the rice straw for making field ready for next crop, farmers are burning it in the fields. Burning of rice straw in agri-culture fields poses lot of environmental and health issues in various parts of the country.


To mitigate problems due to the burning of rice straw, Technocrats are working of Rice Straw Usage for Steam / Heat & Power. Rice Straw has some inherent problems. Mago Thermal is studying to convert rice straw into an useful product by Torre-faction process, i.e. BIOCHAR/ BIO COAL.

MAGO THERMAL team under the able guidance of Prof . P.D. Grover, Ex Head & Dean IIT Delhi and Mago Thermal associates M/s TORFTECH R & D LTD ( U.K) done exercise with many industries and Govt organization.


The Biochar / Biocoal which has the calorific value equivalent to that of bituminous coal is used in thermal power plants. By using Special design Torrefaction Reactors Bio Char / Bio Coal of desired calorific value can be achieved.

We need to look into use these Bio Char as fuel for for our Steam and Power demand. Incase Thermal Power plant start using 10 % Torrefied product Bio Char with coal can consume 140 million tonnes of Rice Straw and it will also help to reduce coal “ FOSSIL FUEL “ This can greatly solve problems arising due to burning of rice straw and reduce greenhouse gas emission significantly.

MAGO THERMAL LOOKING FORWARD for PARTNERS who can venture in BIO-CHAR  and help to save Environment and also give Monetary Benefits  to Farmers for RICE STRAW. for query/ suggestion / Feedback, Please write at naveen.g@magothermal.com

Naveen Goswami

Director ( Tech.)

Mago Thermal P Ltd.


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