BIOMASS BURNER for all type of Biomass i.e Rice Husk, Saw dust, Biomass Briquettes, Pellets

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The PYROLYSIS BIOMASS burner is a new type of biomass and its combustion efficiency is close to 98 %.

combustion device adopting the BIOMASS as the fuel in shape of briquette / pellets. It is a systematized equipment which can substitute the traditional fuel (coal, gas or oil) to provide heat sources for boilers or drying machines by taking use of the energy conversion in biomass.

This is well established technology and EUROPE and EAST ASIAN countries are utilising this technology for their steam and heat demand.

MAGO intend to introduce this technology with their Foreign associates in India for Industry industries Heat and Steam demand.



The pulverise biomass enter into the high temperature pyrolysis burning chamber through the auto-feeding system. And the gasification agent is supplied from the oven bottom.

It generates high temperature gas by high temperature pyrolysis reaction in the burning chamber. Sensible heat and intermediate products including H2, CH4, CnHm and CO etc. is produced.

The combustible material then enters the burning chamber through the gas nozzle and burns completely to release the latent heat.

This system consists –

  • 3 point Gasification
  • 7 point suspension combustion
  • Vortex design
  • Multilevel whirlwind design increasing oxygen
  • PLC automatic control system
  • Interconnection and Interlocking




★Energy-efficient: the biomass burner takes biomass as the energy source, the cost is decreased by 30%-60% compared to the fuel oil or gas.
★High thermal efficiency: adopt half-gasification burning and tangent swirl-flow type air distribution design, the combustion ratio can reach higher than 96%- 98 %.
★Stable and reliable running: the biomass burner is running under micro positive pressure and work like FO / GAS Burner
★Low carbon and environmental protection: the biomass burning is with low emissions of smoke, dust, sulfur nitrogen and no emission of carbon dioxide; measured up to the emission standard of air pollutants.
★ Fully Automatic Operation.

★ Cost effective fully automatic solution

★ Labor Saving: the biomass burner is with automatic feeding design, easy to operate, one person can finish the operation.
★Hot water utilization: there are two types of biomass burner, water-cooling type and air-cooling type. As for the water-cooling structure, it can generate hot water for industry use.

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