Enquiry Form For Flue Gas Desulphurization

Enquiry Form For Flue Gas Desulphurization System
Date :
1 Client Information:
a) Company’s Name & Address
b) Consultant /Owner
c) Contact Person
d) Contact Numbers
E-mail address
e) Type of Offer Needed Firm / Budgetary
f) If Firm , Finalization Before
g) Delivery / Commissioning required Before
2 Boiler Details
a) Capacity / Net Steam Generation kg/hr
b) Power Plant Capacity MW
c) Type of Boiler (Fuel Used)
d) Dry Sorbent Injection in the boiler  Yes / No
e) If yes, quantity of sorbent injection kg/hr
f) Fuel used for Steam Generation  
g) Fuel Consumption Tones /hr
h) Fuel Composition
3 Gas Data
a) Exhaust gas Temperature                 (Inlet of FGD Plant) 0C
b) Gas Quantity m3 /hr
c) Quantity of SO2 with limestone dosing kg /hr
mg / Nm3
d) Quantity of SO2 without limestone dosing kg /hr
mg / Nm3
e) Desired SO2 level after desulphurization mg /Nm3 OR ppm
f) Suspended particulate matter (SPM) mg /Nm3
4 Gas Composition
a) CO2
b) N2
c) O2
d) NO2
e) SO2
f) H2O
g) CO
h) Any Other

( Please specify )

5 Process Data
a) Purpose of Desulphurization
b) Sorbent Preference Caustic (         ) ,

Limestone (       )

6 Space Availability
  a) Length=  mm c) Breadth =  mm
  b) Height =  mm    
  Note Whether flexibility exists (Y / N)  
7 Utilities available
a) Compressed air (dry)
b) Electricity
c) Steam (Superheated)
8 Cost of Utilities (In Your Currency)
a) Compressed air
b) Electricity
c) Steam (Superheated)
9 Installation Data
a) Location  
b) Relative Humidity  
c) Ambient temperature   oC
10 Present Status
a) SO2 Level guaranteed by boiler supplier after sorbent injection if any mg /Nm3 OR ppm
b) SO2 Level at stack mg /Nm3 OR ppm
1)    Kindly note that the accuracy and completeness of our offer depends on the accuracy of information furnished by you in the questionnaire, as this forms the basis of design and selection of equipment to engineer our proposal.

send it to naveen.g@magothermal.com