Signs That Your Industrial Steam Boiler Needs Maintenance

Steam boilers are equipment used to generate steam to power turbines or for process requirements in industrial units across India. Steam boilers are high-pressure devices that are governed by the Indian Boiler Regulations 1950 and further amendments. It is important to maintain the boiler regularly to prevent accidents or unplanned shutdowns which can cause huge financial losses.

Signs your boiler needs maintenance

Below are certain points that will help you identify when your need unplanned maintenance for your steam boiler. Depending on severity, it is advised to hire a steam boiler engineering company to analyze and evaluate your steam boiler system and provide necessary recommendations for better efficiency and smooth operations

Some of the points are:

  • Storing and examining the boiler data will help you decide the preventive maintenance schedule. Data regarding boiler health, recurrence of failure, the time required, and the cost of repairs. Frequent corrective maintenance breaks will indicate the need to schedule preventive maintenance.
  • The operation and maintenance manual for your boiler usually indicates the preventive schedule. The actual runtime of your boiler may help you adjust the preventive schedule.
  • Monitoring the boiler readings may indicate the need for preventive maintenance. Real-time monitoring will help you to handle problems as soon as possible.
  • If the boiler’s efficiency is going down and you are using more fuel then required, it could also be sign that your boiler needs maintenance.
  • Physical checks can also indicate certain scenarios where a boiler may been immediate maintenance.
  • The condition of the drums, tubes, and pipes are important. During the examination, the scaling, pitting, and cracking will help determine need of steam boiler maintenance.
  • Studying the current operating capacity vs the rated capacity of the boiler. If the difference is large, the boiler is a candidate for maintenance.
  • If the boiler is unable to maintain operating pressure and temperature. Maintenance/ retrofitting may help improve operating parameters.

Importance of boiler maintenance

A well-planned maintenance schedule for your boiler can reduce unnecessary downtime and avoid costly repairs. Boilers are expensive and boiler failure can lead to the plant being shut down besides other legal issues.

  • Efficiency improvement – The fuel and energy cost are the main components of the boiler. Regular maintenance of your boiler will help lower the cost of utilities. During the maintenance schedule factors affecting the efficiency can be identified and rectified.
  • Increase the life of the boiler – Boilers is a major capital investment for any factory. Regular maintenance of the boiler helps to increase the lifespan and saves costly repairs.
  • Prevents accidents – Plant safety is important. Accidents can cause structural damage and cause death and injury to personnel working in the plant. Periodic maintenance of the boilers can help detect and correct potential problems preventing accidents.
  • Saves money – Regular boiler maintenance will help save money. Cost-saving can improve boiler efficiency, result in fewer shutdowns, prolong the life of the boiler, and prevent industrial accidents. Routine minor repairs will prevent larger repairs in the long run.
  • Statutory requirement – Boiler maintenance is a statutory requirement. The IBR regulations regulate the design, manufacture, erection, and maintenance of boilers.
  • Energy-saving – Steam boilers need utilities such as energy, fuel, and water. This is a huge running cost of the boiler. Maintenance can help in significant energy saving and can result in cost/ energy saving.
  • Improve function – Steam boiler maintenance can improve the output quality of the steam and reduce fluctuations.
  • Less pollution – Steam boiler maintenance can reduce air pollution (carbon and Nox). Municipal and state legislation for controlling pollution is becoming increasingly stringent.

The recommended preventive maintenance can be categorized as:-

  • Daily maintenance – This is more like a daily inspection where the boiler operator checks the boiler for water leakages, obstructions, and strange noises. This inspection helps to flag any potential problems before it causes a breakdown or leads to major problems.
  • Periodic maintenance is a more thorough inspection. Ideally, periodic maintenance is scheduled once a month. During the examination, combustion air piping and flue gas piping and relief valves are examined. The boiler is checked for leakages, obstruction, and wear and tear.

Annual maintenance is done by a licensed professional. During this maintenance, the boiler is tested, cleaned, and repaired. Parameters such as ph level of water from the boiler are tested.

Mago Thermal For Steam Boiler Maintenance & Retrofitting

Mago Thermal undertakes steam boiler studies and analysis to recommend and perform various maintenance functions. We advise on maintenance schedule and suggest ways to improve steam boilers performance, with an ultimate benefit of saving fuel costs.

For more information on steam boiler operations and maintenance in India, contact us.